Hear from us

About Us

Dukaan is your local delivery service for all those delicious Indian Snacks that have a nostalgic touch to them. We hope not only to remind you but also to share those feelings with your friends and families. With more than 50 different products, we deliver directly from our warehouse to your doorsteps within moments, without any fee. Oh, we forgot to mention, we deliver until 4 am.

Delivery Times and Areas

We’re open from noon until 4 in the morning to satisfy those unpredictable cravings.
We deliver orders around Philadelphia. Orders in University City will be delivered in under 20 minutes.

How did Dukaan Start?

It all started with a bag of salted potato chips and a group of friends who were reminded of the irresistible snacks back home in India. Being international students at Drexel University, they always thought of the food back home but especially of munchies like Lay’s Magic Masala, Thums Up, and Cadbury Dairy Milk which was what they grew up eating. They spent the rest of the night whipping up a quick google form which they sent out to their friends and acquaintances. After realizing that they’re not the only ones on campus who felt the same way about missing those homely delights, they set out to satisfy this obvious yet unmet demand for Indian Snacks. Within a month, they converted one of their apartments into a warehouse to store various products and took shifts delivering orders (until 4 in the morning) around campus on an E-Scooter. The first batch of inventory went out as quickly as it came in, which is when all of them were convinced to devote their time and passion to make this a top-notch customer service and satisfaction e-platform.